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The Strange Case of the Time Traveling Newspaper

You’ve been alive for seventy-five years, and while you’ve tried to embrace technology as much as you can, one thing you remain stubbornly attached too is paper newspapers. And lately someone has been stealing yours. The largest problem you have with this is that they’ve been replacing it with prank newspapers listing events that are going to happen in the near future.

You’re just about ready to enlist the neighborhood watch in your crusade to find the prankster (even though that means involving your annoying son-in-law) when the events in the “prank” newspapers begin to come to pass. The more of the newspaper predictions that come true, the more worried you get. The events get worse and worse. You decide to read your book club in on the situation, and by a unanimous vote – you set out to find proof of the dangerous events about to happen.

You and your friends manage to find enough evidence of several of the more minor disasters in plenty of time to stop them or get them handled. Your little book club begins to get a name for itself as a bit of a vigilante crime solving group.

Things get a bit wild when the next disaster your book club intends to stop involves a couple of Russian mobsters and a disgraced astrophysicist who was kicked out of academic circles for claiming he could give proof of time travel.

You and the book club enlist the help of your daughters Crime Podcast listening group, and you start snooping. Whether it’s time travel, magic, or just weird luck, you and your book club have been gifted news from the future, and you’ll do what you’ve always done and try to kick its ass into better shape for the sake of your kids and grandkids.

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