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An Impossible Lock and an Impossible Escape

You inherited one thing from your great Grandpa Jack, and that is an ornate wooden box with a strange lock on it, one with no visible keyhole. You’ve spent countless hours trying to figure out the secret in the months since you got it. You’re starting to run out of ideas when you get a bloody nose one day while scrutinizing the intricate carvings on the box. The moment your blood touches the lock, it clicks open with a hiss.

Within the box is a small bag of beans and a letter explaining the dangers of ever choosing to grow them; after all, Grandpa Jack didn’t exactly leave a good impression last time he climbed his way up to the world of the giants.

You grew up on the stories of what happened when the great beanstalk grew up to the realm of the giants and a war very nearly broke out. Wanting to avoid the possibility of a war, you decide to keep the magic beans locked away—that is until you learn that your parents are planning on forcing an arranged marriage on your little sister.

Being the kind of older sibling who’d fistfight the devil himself before you let your younger sibling be hurt, you do the only thing that seems logical in the moment.

You plant the beans and spirit your sister away up the beanstalk and into the land of the giants. Somewhere your parents and your sister’s terrible fiancé would never dare follow.

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