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Angels and Demons

The angel on my shoulder, in my head, laughed itself sick at that. “Oh, if they only knew.”

Shut up, I think, a lump catching in my throat as I swallow back all the hidden truths and scripted lies that have hopelessly tangled themselves at the sight of those desperate eyes locked onto mine.

“It was only a matter of time...” The voice whispers.

“What are you talking about?” I ask, incredulous.

I hear laughter in my head, and I grit my teeth against the urge to shout.

Two siblings share an apartment in a big city. One day there is a lightning storm and an earthquake concurrently. One sibling is nearly struck by lightning and the other is nearly swallowed by the earth.

The sibling nearly killed by the lightning storm ends up possessed by an angel.

The sibling nearly killed in the earthquake ends up possessed by a demon.

Both entities have come to earth to complete a task.

Both siblings want the entity possessing them to leave before they have to tell each other about what’s happening.

Each make a deal with their respective entity to help them complete their task so that the entity will leave.

The problem is, the task of the angel directly hampers the task of the demon—and vice versa.

What happens when the siblings find out the truth in less-than-ideal circumstances? And how are they supposed to keep the celestial entities from killing each other while still inhabiting their bodies?

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