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Caves and Secrets

Your favorite hobby was spelunking. Your vacation activity of choice was exploring cave systems to your heart’s content. So, when you discover a cave you’ve never seen before on the first day of a long vacation, it’s a temptation you can’t pass up. After some googling and finding no record of the cave system, so you decide to happily investigate it for yourself. You plan for your first venture into the cave to be a quick little exploration. You tie a spool of thin rope to a tree just outside the cave’s entrance to ensure you can find your way back out before you set off exploring. You find a cavern with a pool of water and a ceiling full of glow worms. You set the spool of string down to take a photo, but when you go to grab it again not even a moment later, it’s gone. You immediately start searching for it and feel a rising panic as you realize you can’t find it. Eventually giving up on the search, you spend what feels like hours trying to find your way back out of the caves. Just as you’re beginning to lose hope, you finally find an exit. However, the second you exit, you realize something is very wrong. You’ve walked out of the mouth of the cave and directly onto a stage. The lights blind you for a moment, but once your eyes adjust you soon realize everyone in the audience has wings. The presenter on stage with you has bloody red eyes, gauzy wings like autumn leaves, and needle-sharp teeth. He claps you on the shoulder as the audience gives its applause. You begin to shout and ask questions just as two other winged persons grab you and throw you in one of several glass cells also positioned on the stage. You notice the people in the other cells are dressed in similar camping/exploratory gear as yours. The presenter starts to sell the audience on the dizzying contraption of stone and metal in his clawed hands. He describes it as everything the modern Fae could want for ease of catching their prey. It’s a portable maze that once entered cannot be exited the same way, forcing the prey trapped inside through a portal to the faery world and directly into the waiting hands of whichever lucky Fae decides to buy it! He starts the bidding at ten secrets, or one human or creature’s true name. No matter how much you pound on the glass or scream for someone to listen to you, it doesn’t break or even scratch, and none of the Fae give any sign that they can hear you

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