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Fire and Faith

“You are going to die again,” Death said in a matter-of-fact tone.

He pressed himself into the corner gasping as panic and smoke stole the breath from his lungs “I—I don’t want to burn again!”

“Perhaps you won’t. Smoke inhalation is what killed you last time.”

Death felt as cold and fragile as the body he’d leave behind.

You are a witch, the only surviving member of your coven after everyone else died in a hotel fire ten years go. You’ve spent every waking minute since the tragedy trying to find a way to bring them back; eventually, you discovered time magic. After years of study and preparation, you cast the spell to send yourself back into your younger body so you can save your coven, your family.

You do everything you can to save them, but nothing changes. You send yourself back over and over again, desperate to get it right, but you fail every time.

Eventually, the reason for your failure shows itself to you.

Turns out Death doesn’t take too kindly to being cheated.

Death has been foiling your every attempt to save your coven, and has all intents and purposes of continuing to do so every single time you try.

Time travel was one thing, but outsmarting the manifestation of all death on earth? Well, you’ve come this far and there’s no way in hell you’re giving up now.

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