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Making Friends and Influencing The Zombie Apocalypse

“Your best friend is a corpse!”

“The politically correct term is Zombie, asshole!”

The undead walk the earth, have for years, it’s really not that big of a deal.

Or at least it wasn’t, not until a couple of well-placed bombs with the devastating power of a super volcano went off, and the world kind of ended.

Yes, it’s an apocalypse, but not the Zombie apocalypse. The Zombies have always been there. It’s the end of the world that’s new.

You and your best friend are doing your best to navigate what remains of the world, dodging misguided and judgmental zombie hunters, gangs of homicidally inclined delinquents on both sides of the death barrier, all the while carrying a rather large and deadly secret.

In the chaos of the initial bombings, you and your undead friend ran into one of the bombers bleeding out from a gunshot wound and having deathbed regrets. He told you the location of the final bomb.

A bomb that, as far as the pair of you are aware, never went off, and has remained a hidden and deadly threat. You’ve recently heard rumors of settlements trying to work towards fixing the world. The largest one, the one spearheading the movement, is located directly on top of that last bomb.

It’s up to the two of you to make it across the country in time to warn everyone’s (alive and undead) best hope of recovery of the danger before it’s too late and the world ends a second time before it’s even had a chance to start again.

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