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The Accidental End of the World

Your world is at war; someone opened a door to the underworld and fire demons have been pouring out ever since. The world is on fire, and you are a witch of the north, snow and ice are your domain, and you’re ready to use that to fight back. The leaders of your coven have other plans, intending to hide in the cold climate and stay out of the war. They believe the cold will deter the fire demons from coming as far north as where you live.

You think it’s only a matter of time before the war finds your home, so you gather the members of your coven who agree with you, and you all journey down to the desert where the gate to the underworld was opened, planning on finding a way to seal it.

You collect friends along the way from different climates and schools of magic. One of the most important stops you make along the way is to an ancient stone library hidden deep in a bog. The magic there is ancient, and you manage to locate a book that contains the ritual you need to perform in order to close the gate.

Once you make it to hell’s gate, you discover the person responsible for all the demonic destruction. They seem half mad from the heat, and they stay positioned at the gate chanting and trying desperate spells to undo what they’ve done. The demons don’t attack them as they’re the witch that released them.

The witch confesses that they opened a door to the wrong part of the underworld. They’d only been trying to find their lost love, but they’d botched the spell and opened a door to the realm of the demons instead.

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