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The Corpse and the Cell Phone

You and your team are on an archeological dig in South America. You’re examining the ruins of a temple and find an entrance to an underground storage space. Inside, you find seven large, stone pillars. The pillars are covered in beautiful carvings depicting what you assume are stories of folkloric tales from the time they were carved in.

You bring in a machine to get an x-ray image of the pillars as part of your examination. To your shock, you see that there are bodies in the pillars. While surprising—you can think of several reasons for this method of entombment, and you are all set to do more research on the history of the area when suddenly one of your teammates gasps.

One of the bodies entombed in the century’s old monument of stone—is carrying something that looks a hell of a lot like an iPhone.

Upon closer inspection of the other x-rays, you find proof of the modern world within the other pillars as well. Baffled, you and your team try to find a logical explanation for how this is possible.

Eventually, the pillar with the cell phone breaks as you and your team try to move it to a secondary location. Your heart skips a beat when the cell phone is fished out of the stone. From the crack in the screen to the scribbled-on phone case, it is identical to your own cell phone.

It’s all you can do to cling to the logic that keeps you sane when the tests finally come back on the bones – the DNA they pulled from the marrow is a match to your own.

Deciding that logic and sanity have abandoned you, you reach out to a local specialist in the occult.

What follows is a wild exploration into the world of the paranormal that leads you and your team to find a relic capable of time travel, at which point you begin to wonder if you’ve stumbled your way into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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