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The Right Buttons to Push

The gods of your world have finally figured out what buttons to push to jumpstart the apocalypse, and by ‘buttons,’ I mean people, and by ‘push,’ I mean kill. With a few strategic (and well framed by the gods) deaths of the world’s main heroes’ and villains’ loved ones, suddenly it’s an all-out war between good and evil that won’t stop escalating until there’s no one left to fight. The gods in the heavens are all set patting themselves on the back when the Goddess of the Underworld (also one of the only gods against the plan to end the world and start fresh) decides to meddle in their plans. She lets the truth slip that you and the others were purposefully targeted and killed by the gods in order to bring about the apocalyptic Final Battle between your loved ones. To say you were furious would be the understatement of the century. You all were, and that’s when you all collectively decided that the gods could stick it where the sun don’t shine. Like hell you’d let your deaths jumpstart the end times. Your motley gang of dead misfits manage to convince the Goddess of the Underworld to let you try to stop the apocalypse, kickstarting a wild journey through the underworld to get back to the land of the living. Once you and the others find your way out of the underworld, you travel through the war-torn world you all left behind, determined to thwart the gods’ plans for humanity’s extinction. The gods are none the wiser to your plan until ten minutes into what’s supposed to be The Final Battle, when you and your dead friends burst in to yell at your loved ones for losing their damn minds after you leave them alone for more than five minutes. The representative of the underworld finds this hilarious. The other godly representatives however do not.

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