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The Tower and the Lure

A pristine tower deep in the woods. A warm yellow light at the window, a silhouette with flowing hair, the quiet echo of a lovely voice singing such inviting songs. A crumbling tower deep in the woods. An eerie glow from the window, a ghastly warped figure silhouetted by the light, the quiet echo of a lovely voice singing such inviting songs. There is something in the tower in the woods. Many say that it’s a princess locked away by a cruel witch, desperate for freedom after so many years caged and alone. They say that many a knight has ventured into the Thornwood to try and free her but alas the witch was always too powerful. Those few who frequent the woods, and those old enough to remember, tell a different story. They say a monster lies trapped in the tower. One that twists your mind up with its song until you think you see a princess, someone innocent and harmless, made of light and warmth. It lures you in and wraps you up in a sweet falsehood. A monster that only reveals its true self once its jaws are around your throat and its needle-sharp teeth are a breath away from tearing you apart. Only then will you see the bone and claw of the creature’s limbs. Only then will you smell the death and decay of its previous meals rotting all around you. Only then will you feel the aching cold and darkness that comes with the creature’s venom before it eats you alive. Those people say the witch did the town a favor and anyone with enough sense to keep their head attached to their shoulders ought to leave well enough alone. Your brother never had any sense in him, and you had always chased after him trying to keep him alive. This time he snuck out to save the princess in the woods, to be devoured by the monster in the forest. As you venture into the Thornwood after him, you can only pray to whatever may be listening that you arrive in time to save him.

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